Lathe Operations: Facing

Facing Operations Facing is the process of removing metal from the end of a workpiece to produce a flat surface. Most often, the workpiece is cylindrical, but using a 4-jaw chuck you can face rectangular or odd-shaped work to form cubes and other non-cylindrical shapes.

When a lathe cutting tool removes metal it applies considerable tangential (i.e. lateral or sideways) force to the workpiece. To safely perform a facing operation the end of the workpiece must be positioned close to the jaws of the chuck. The workpiece should not extend more than 2-3 times its diameter from the chuck jaws unless a steady rest is used to support the free end. Cutting Speeds

If you read many books on machining you will find a lot of information about the correct cutting speed for the movement of the cutting tool in relation to the workpiece. You must consider the rotational speed of the workpiece and the movement of the tool relative to the workpiece. Basically, the softer the metal the faster the cutting. D…

How To Make Money On YouTube Without Much Effort

Once someone enters the internet world, they start to see many ways for them to earn money online.

There are at least a dozen ways to make money online. These include blogging for money, affiliate marketing, eBook revenues, freelancing with sites like Upwork or oDesk, earning from AdSense, and so on.

But if we were to choose the best 2 options to make money online, blogging is usually number one, followed closely by monetizing YouTube videos.

Why Not Use YouTube as the First Online Money Option?

When a person decides that their primary source of income will be earned online, they need to think about how best to achieve this. Most people choose blogging as their method for earning online income. Maybe it’s because they are lured by CPC values of certain keywords in interesting niches, or maybe they just like writing.

But there’s another very good option: YouTube.

You may be surprised to hear that YouTube could help you earn more than you would from traditional blogging. This is particularly true in the first phase of your online stride.

Let’s examine why YouTube may prove to be a better monetization method than blogging.

1) No domain and hosting investment.

The biggest advantage of YouTube is that you do not need to buy a domain or hosting package to get started. Instead, you can make your online presence known simply by the virtue of your channel.

The YouTube channel is where a user will see all of the uploads and recent activity of the uploader. If the uploader has enabled certain settings, visitors can also see the uploader’s interactions.

In terms of hosting, it’s really cool to get your content hosted for free by a site which is among the world’s top 5 websites and whose servers are present almost everywhere the internet exists.

In a nutshell, YouTube can allow you to earn money from the comforts of your home with zero investment.

Easy ways to earn money online by sitting at home

2) It is possible to earn on the very first day with YouTube.

The most beautiful thing about earning with YouTube is that you can earn from your video content on the very first day.

You can simply make a YouTube account and upload a video (any video which does not violate YouTube or AdSense terms and conditions).

This can be a video about a trip you took. Or a video about how you made masala dosa in the morning.

People have uploaded a wide-variety of videos and found success out of nowhere.

When Charlie’s father uploaded this video, he never would have thought it would be watched by hundreds of millions of people. Now, “Charlie Bit My Finger” is not just a video; it’s a brand. In the span of a few years, this simple video has made more money than the lifetime goal of an above-average blogger.

3) AdSense approval via YouTube is easy.

Most Indian and other South Asian bloggers wait for 6 months (or more) to get their AdSense account approved.

But if you apply for AdSense via YouTube, getting approval is easy. However, this AdSense account will be “AdSense for content hosts”, which functions differently than the traditional ads shown on blogs.

But you can always add your blog or website to this account once you think you fulfill all of the criteria to get an approved site.

4) Big audience and ready-made platform on YouTube.

Once you upload your video, it will be instantly available to billions of YouTube visitors. If your video is catchy and turns out to be sensational, it can certainly catapult you to fame and earn you a substantial amount of money.

People have rocketed their YouTube views in a matter of a day or two and earned hundreds of dollars in a very short time.

How to make money on YouTube?

There are people out there who make a lot of money with YouTube. There are even some artists who are earning over $2,000 every day from their YouTube videos.

There are a variety of ways to make money on YouTube.

These three are the easiest and most popular.

Google AdSense:

You can monetize your YouTube channel with AdSense. AdSense shows contextual ads on your videos and you earn money whenever a viewer clicks on the ad. This is by far the easiest way that YouTubers are making money.

Sponsored video:

This works great when you have an established and popular channel. You can get sponsors for your videos who will pay you to show their advertisement at the start or the end of your video.

If you’re channel is popular, this is one great way to earn huge from YouTube.

Affiliate marketing:

This method will let you earn a large amount in a very short time. All you need to do is pick the right product, create a video around it, and put the link in the description. You earn per sale and usually (depending on the affiliate partner) the payout is pretty nice.

In a nutshell, YouTube can help you earn money if you don’t have a blog or if you are still in the process of building one. And once your blog is all set to go, you can put the video version of your blog posts on YouTube to earn some extra bucks.

YouTube can also benefit you by getting website visitors who are not using Google as their primary search engine, but who found out about your site from one of your videos.

YouTube supports almost all video formats and you can post videos in a wide range of categories. You can post about your trip to Goa or do a video review of the hotel you stayed at in Mumbai.

You can also make tutorials about WordPress, hosting platforms, and other blogging or tech-related things. There is a lot of software out there which will let you record your computer screen making on-screen tutorials easy to produce. Or maybe you want to do reviews of new phones or gadgets.

The possibilities are endless; so are the earnings.

Have you been using YouTube? Have you been making money? Let me know in the comments below.  If you have any questions or would like more information about how to monetize YouTube videos, ask me in the comments.


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