Lathe Operations: Facing

Facing Operations Facing is the process of removing metal from the end of a workpiece to produce a flat surface. Most often, the workpiece is cylindrical, but using a 4-jaw chuck you can face rectangular or odd-shaped work to form cubes and other non-cylindrical shapes.

When a lathe cutting tool removes metal it applies considerable tangential (i.e. lateral or sideways) force to the workpiece. To safely perform a facing operation the end of the workpiece must be positioned close to the jaws of the chuck. The workpiece should not extend more than 2-3 times its diameter from the chuck jaws unless a steady rest is used to support the free end. Cutting Speeds

If you read many books on machining you will find a lot of information about the correct cutting speed for the movement of the cutting tool in relation to the workpiece. You must consider the rotational speed of the workpiece and the movement of the tool relative to the workpiece. Basically, the softer the metal the faster the cutting. D…

How to Make Use of Google+ Hangouts for Teaching Purpose

Google+ is the most recent social networking stage which has gotten the creative ability of experts in all kinds of different backgrounds. Luckily for teachers, numerous peculiarities, for example, Circles, Sparks, and Hangouts are of tremendous quality – particularly for an instructor educating at organizations placed in better places, who not just loses of time in heading out from one area to other, yet feels the additional strain included in then again voyaging and instructing.

Google+ Hangouts is a device that takes the travel-strain out of the instructing methodology. Educators can utilize that time to lead more virtual classrooms at a more noteworthy number of spots. This empowers establishments to educate more understudies with less educators, along these lines sparing expenses and putting foundations in a position to compensate instructors in better ways. The greatest point of interest is that the Google Hangouts permits an instructor to educate to ten classrooms at once. Where there are all the more, each of the getting classrooms can transfer it, thusly, to ten more classrooms.

Classes might be intuitive and understudies at any core can make inquiries through FM mikes. The speaker's picture will dependably be amplified so that there is no perplexity in respect to who is talking. You don't need to pursuit countenances to discover who is talking. Here are a few proposals for utilizing Google+ Hangouts to enhance your educating background.

  1. Before beginning, guarantee that:

  • You have machines with the most recent designs.

  • You have a rapid web associations at every hub.

  • Your web association works even without force supply.

  • You have an interchange wellspring of force to guarantee constant transmission actually amid force blackouts.

  • All your frameworks are associated with an inverter, so that the transmission is not lost amid the switch-over structure one force source to an alternate.

  1. Make Google+ accounts at the transmission and gathering levels. These are the spots from where the instructor is instructing (transmission) and where the understudies are found (gathering). The main essential for making a Google+ record is having a Gmail account. Log into your Gmail account. On the left half of your Dashboard bar(the strip at the top)you will have a symbol "+you" by clicking the symbol you can make a Google+ account.

  • Create Gmail represents all the hubs (transmission and gathering). The Google+ records work through Gmail accounts.

  1. System the Google+ hubs once the records are made. It is important to unite the different hubs with one another by sending and tolerating contact demands.

  2. Make applicable rounds. The transmission hub ought to make subject-wise rounds and incorporate the significant gathering hubs in the ring. Correspondingly, the gathering hubs ought to likewise make each one subject ring and incorporate the pertinent transmission hub in the loop. The methodology is simple – simply customizable the important hubs in the loop.

  • You can make a boundless number of rings yet make certain you can deal with the number you do make.

  • Have an acceptable and particular arrangement for the loops and guarantee that all the hubs take after the same characterization. This will stay away from disarray between hubs.

  1. Coordinate your You Tube, Picasa accounts with your Google+ account. Thusly you can transmit features & Photos. You can likewise transmit Power Point presentations, or any record from your screen by clicking the choice "impart your screen"

  2. Behavior dry runs. Test the framework and the system at every hub. View the sound and feature quality and clarity. Make any important acclimations to impeccable the associations.

  3. Run a couple of trial sessions. Conduct a couple of trial sessions on subjects of general enthusiasm to empower the understudies and educators to get acclimatized to the framework.

  • The transmission hub ought to choose the applicable loop before beginning the home base.

  • All the hubs ought to log into their Google+ accounts no less than fifteen prior minutes the calendar of the virtual class. The important gathering hubs will consequently get the transmission once they are logged in.

  • The transmission hub ought to guarantee that all the gathering hubs are logged in before asking for the instructor to begin instructing.

  1. Begin leading virtual classrooms with Google Hangouts. Also when you succeed, offer the technique and examples of overcoming adversity with different educators, to urge more instructors to make utilization of this simple and pleasant strategy of information offering and learning. In the event that advantageous, you may even like to compose a couple of "How to" articles on virtual instructing to help other people gain more from your


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