Lathe Operations: Facing

Facing Operations Facing is the process of removing metal from the end of a workpiece to produce a flat surface. Most often, the workpiece is cylindrical, but using a 4-jaw chuck you can face rectangular or odd-shaped work to form cubes and other non-cylindrical shapes.

When a lathe cutting tool removes metal it applies considerable tangential (i.e. lateral or sideways) force to the workpiece. To safely perform a facing operation the end of the workpiece must be positioned close to the jaws of the chuck. The workpiece should not extend more than 2-3 times its diameter from the chuck jaws unless a steady rest is used to support the free end. Cutting Speeds

If you read many books on machining you will find a lot of information about the correct cutting speed for the movement of the cutting tool in relation to the workpiece. You must consider the rotational speed of the workpiece and the movement of the tool relative to the workpiece. Basically, the softer the metal the faster the cutting. D…

How to Connect to WiFi Internet without Password

So you have to utilize your neighbor's Wifi association however don't have a clue about his watchword? Well today i will let you know a technique by which you will have the capacity to utilize the Wifi association and access the web without being knowing the genuine secret word. This trap lives up to expectations for the majority of the Wifi switch's and will help you take the profit of free association.

Wifi is essentially a remote medium which permits the clients to associate with web utilizing without wire medium which is more advantageous. Not at all like wired associations its likewise extremely convenient. At the same time the majority of the Wifi associations are secured by the watchword to keep the abuse by others. Yet at the same time we have a percentage of the traps which let us associate with any secured Wifi. The majority of the switch's can be abused i.e. can know the secret key for the same however some are secured an excess of which gets to be intense occupation to experience.

Before we continue you have to satisfy the prerequisites for this undertaking.


  • Port Scanner

  • Exploited person's IP Address

Step by step instructions to continue?

  1. Open the Port Scanner application. On the off chance that you are not having then you can download it by clicking here.

  1. Presently you need to discover the exploited person's IP Address. To do in this way, filter his/her IP Address utilizing Port Scanner.

  1. Click the choice Show List. Additionally check the ports named, 80,8080,8088 and spare it.

  1. Sweep Ports on the rundown must be checked. On the off chance that its not checked, tick it.

  1. Presently simply include the IP Address in the ohow to interface with any Wifi without Passwordption Start and End of the scanner.

  1. This time port scanner will examine consequently the given IP Address.

  1. Presently in the event that you figure out that the port is 80, that expresses that the Wifi switch of that individual can be gotten to by you. Anyway just when if the default watchword is not changed. In 90% out of 100% passwords are same.

  1. To get to the switch page, duplicate the IP Address in your programs windows and press the Enter Key.

  1. You will see a screen to login. Presently, simply login into that page utilizing the accompanying points of interest

  • Username: admin

  • Password:  admin

In the event that the watchword has not be changed then you will have the capacity to log in effectively without any issues. You will discover the fundamental page of the switch from where you can without much of a stretch arrange the Wifi watchword. Simply uncheck the watchword field and it will get turned off. On the off chance that you change the watchword of Wifi then the manager may get cautioned and change each passwords. So do whatever you do utilizing personality. All the best...


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