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Lathe Operations: Facing

Facing Operations Facing is the process of removing metal from the end of a workpiece to produce a flat surface. Most often, the workpiece is cylindrical, but using a 4-jaw chuck you can face rectangular or odd-shaped work to form cubes and other non-cylindrical shapes.

When a lathe cutting tool removes metal it applies considerable tangential (i.e. lateral or sideways) force to the workpiece. To safely perform a facing operation the end of the workpiece must be positioned close to the jaws of the chuck. The workpiece should not extend more than 2-3 times its diameter from the chuck jaws unless a steady rest is used to support the free end. Cutting Speeds

If you read many books on machining you will find a lot of information about the correct cutting speed for the movement of the cutting tool in relation to the workpiece. You must consider the rotational speed of the workpiece and the movement of the tool relative to the workpiece. Basically, the softer the metal the faster the cutting. D…

The Threats Of Memory Loss

A paramount reason for losing memory is because of hardship of slumber. You may have gone out to work or school in your in-house footwear simply on the grounds that your eyes were additional sluggish to change them. You may have even bolted yourself outside home as you were extremely sleepy because of need of quiet rest, just past the point where it is possible to recollect that your auto and house keys were lying on the table in the kitchen. Have you been hunting down your sunglasses each corner of your home, just to acknowledge later that it is on your brow?

Very ordinarily memory misfortune looks clever to others. It would probably provide for you some senseless stories creating snickers. Memory misfortune would serve to uncover overlooked episodes of other individual's experience. Kids as well, can review purposes of memory misfortune as a consequence of less rest.

Coming about destruction

On occasion memory misfortune is truly unsafe and frequently it could end up being deadly …

Appetite For The Brain

Other than being a powerhouse of data vault, our mind stays informed concerning numerous other body capacities. Some key peculiarities of our cerebrum incorporate visual preparing, engine control, sound-related control, learning and sensation. Taking a gander at all the capacities and contemplations you don't have to reconsider the cerebrum being the most crucial organ of your body. Regardless the glitch of your cerebrum is, it could be well comprehended when identified with the new engineering utilized as a part of your machine.

Without the hard circle in your machine, your framework is as proficient as being dead, as hard plate contains all critical data of your machine. On the off chance that your machine hard plate is slammed, it is unrealistic for you to recoup the lost information, in any event a large portion of it. All the same, if Alzheimer's turmoil or Amnesia is struck, it from the get go annihilates cells in our cerebrum and memory gets influenced.

Memory disappointm…

How to Improve Memory Power Using Memory Exercises

For understudies get ready for diverse testes and examinations, battling hard, would dependably need aid with traps to make their arrangements and studies less demanding. A few understudies of diverse ages exploit knowing memory works out. Instructors regularly make it a point to help understudies by letting them know about different memory practices they themselves actualize following they started educating.

Clearly, every individual ought to utilize whatever requests them the most. Strategies working for one may not basically work for the other. This could be exhibited by a basic demonstration of appearing youngster to tie up his bands. The tyke's focus may go aslant and wind up in dissatisfaction when another system for learning is recommended. Presumably, one guardian demonstrates one path and now and again grandparents differ on best techniques.

Different routines

Youthful kids with handicaps in learning need to know useful routines to move forward memory and have it customized…

How to Browse Offline in Google Chrome

When you open any page inside Google Chrome, it unites with the Internet, gets the most recent adaptation of the page from the server and showcases it on your screen. On the off chance that your machine is logged off, Chrome will show a lapse message with a dinosaur* picture saying it is not able to join with the Internet.

Web Explorer and Firefox offer a logged off mode that auto-spares a duplicate of site pages as you skim the Internet and showcases this neighborhood duplicate when you are not associated with the Internet. Hence, on the off chance that you are disconnected from the net in a flight, you can in any case open and read sites that you got to while your machine was on the web.

Disconnected from the net Browsing inside Google Chrome

The late forms of Google Chrome likewise help disconnected from the net searching however the alternative to effortlessly get to the reserved rendition of any website page is concealed profound inside the settings.

While inside Chrome, sort chrome:…

How to Connect to WiFi Internet without Password

So you have to utilize your neighbor's Wifi association however don't have a clue about his watchword? Well today i will let you know a technique by which you will have the capacity to utilize the Wifi association and access the web without being knowing the genuine secret word. This trap lives up to expectations for the majority of the Wifi switch's and will help you take the profit of free association.

Wifi is essentially a remote medium which permits the clients to associate with web utilizing without wire medium which is more advantageous. Not at all like wired associations its likewise extremely convenient. At the same time the majority of the Wifi associations are secured by the watchword to keep the abuse by others. Yet at the same time we have a percentage of the traps which let us associate with any secured Wifi. The majority of the switch's can be abused i.e. can know the secret key for the same however some are secured an excess of which gets to be intense oc…

How to Successfully Install Wired Network Connection in Windows-7

Windows 7 is especially adroit at systems administration. Introducing a wired system in Windows 7 is less demanding than any other time in the recent past. Indeed, Windows 7 was planned with the desire that everybody would need to be on a system thus it does a large portion of the work for you, the length of you've joined everything appropriately.

Before you begin, you'll require a switch, system connectors (on the off chance that they aren't now incorporated with the machines), and the important links to interface every machine to the switch. In case you're going to be imparting an Internet association, you'll additionally require a modem and a link to unite the modem and switch.

Turn off and unplug all the machines on your forthcoming system.

Turn off all the machines' peripherals.

This incorporates all the printers, screens, modems, and all else that is appended.

Introduce the system connectors, if fundamental.

Plug the USB connectors into your machines' USB p…

How To Educate Your Child at Home

What is home instruction?

Home instruction is the point at which a kid is instructed at home as opposed to at school. It's consummately legitimate in the UK to teach your youngster at home and you don't have to be a qualified educator to do so.

Kids who are home taught get all their training from their guardians or careers, here and there with the assistance of outside coaches. On the off chance that you choose to home teach your youngster you don't need to take after formal leads about how you instruct or when you educate.

In a few ways home instruction is a continuation of the showing that each preschool youngster gets from his or her parent or career. At the same time from the age of five instruction is a legitimate prerequisite, so on the off chance that you decide to home instruct after this age you have to arrange amazingly precisely.

Why do individuals pick home instruction?

Some individuals know from an early stage that they need to home teach their kid. They may have…

How To Set-Up Your Girl Child For Puberty and Menstruation

Puberty is a period of enormous change - The will be the time where our kids start the move from children to grown-ups. It can be restless, energizing, troublesome and testing all in one. There are ways that you can help your girl through this stage and arrangement is the key.

Having 'the discussion' - Some time ago, folks sat their youngsters down and had 'the discussion' about the feathered creatures and bumblebees and our evolving bodies. While its extraordinary to converse with our little girls, the dialog about puberty ought to be more than only one talk or address. The most ideal approach to set up your little girl for the enormous progressions she's going to experience is to have an arrangement of candid examinations. These can start truly adolescent and don't need to be itemized at the outset. Simply opening up the channels of correspondence and establishing a decent framework of trust is the most ideal approach to begin. Along  these  lines your little …

How to Make Use of Google+ Hangouts for Teaching Purpose

Google+ is the most recent social networking stage which has gotten the creative ability of experts in all kinds of different backgrounds. Luckily for teachers, numerous peculiarities, for example, Circles, Sparks, and Hangouts are of tremendous quality – particularly for an instructor educating at organizations placed in better places, who not just loses of time in heading out from one area to other, yet feels the additional strain included in then again voyaging and instructing.

Google+ Hangouts is a device that takes the travel-strain out of the instructing methodology. Educators can utilize that time to lead more virtual classrooms at a more noteworthy number of spots. This empowers establishments to educate more understudies with less educators, along these lines sparing expenses and putting foundations in a position to compensate instructors in better ways. The greatest point of interest is that the Google Hangouts permits an instructor to educate to ten classrooms at once. Where…

How To Prepare Yourself For a Die and Tool Maker

Device and bite the dust producers are at the highest point of the step in the metalworking exchanges. They are extremely adaptable in utilizing their hands for making parts and additionally machines to create high exactness parts. Their capacities go past that of the commonplace mechanical engineer. They are fit for planning and manufacturing instruments with no supervision. With these abilities, apparatus and kick the bucket creators are a gigantic holding in any assembling office.

Expert essential math. Comprehend expansion, subtraction, and division. A little shop trigonometry is useful for figuring jolt rings and discovering the length of triangles. Some essential polynomial math can likewise be helpful for applying handbook recipes.
Learn machine drafting. Suitable abilities are incorporated in professional and specialized schools' machining projects. Figure out how to make and decipher mechanical drawings.
Enter an apprenticeship program at an apparatus and pass on shop while …

How to Connect Two Computers Without a Router

How about we accept you have two machines at home and you need to associate them together with the goal that you can undoubtedly impart a web association between the two machines or exchange photographs, music and different documents starting with one machine then onto the next. How would you do this?

Associate Two Computers with an Ethernet Cable

There are two choices – you can either purchase a switch or, on the off chance that you are searching for something more straightforward and would prefer not to use cash on new systems administration equipment, you can associate the two machines utilizing a regularly accessible link. The last system doesn't include any muddled system settings and you will at present have the capacity to impart records, web association, and even printers between machines.

To set up this fundamental wired home system, everything you need is an economical Ethernet hybrid link and the other necessity is that system cards* (otherwise called LAN or Ethernet card…

The Process Of Becoming An Electrician

To become an electrician, you will most likely to need to take part in some type of formal education program. In fact, most states require you to have formal education and the appropriate type of licensure to perform electrical-related services. You can take part in a formal training program through vocational courses as well as through on-the-job training. It is important not to underestimate the physical endurance that must be sustained to be an electrician.

Types of Electricians

Once you become an electrician, you will find many job opportunities with many of them being accompanied with extremely good paying salaries. If you have the right type of education, you may even want to pursue a career as an electrical engineer. If you choose to become a residential electrician, understand that there will be much work, but the pay level in this line of work tends to be considerably lower than that of other types of electricians.

Apprenticeships and Exams

As part of your formal training, you ma…

How to Carryout Soldering of Zinc and Aluminium?

Soldering is the process of joining two or more similar or dissimilar pieces of metal by the application of low melting alloy (solder) and heat. The ease with which a metal can be soldered depends upon the characteristic of the oxide and mutual solubilities of the solder and base metal. When soldering zinc or zinc coated (galvanized) iron, care must be taken in the selection of solder, flux and also the temperature employed for the operation.

The soldering of aluminium has always been surrounded by an atmosphere of mystery. It is a difficult operation, but with modern methods, soldering of aluminium is not so difficult. It requires no special equipment and can be accomplished without subjecting the metal to high temperature.

Soldering of Zinc

The solder recommended for soldering of zinc or zinc coated (galvanized) iron is a tinman’s solder containing 40 to 50% tin and remaining lead. It is very important that this solder contains very little or no Antimony. If it is present above 0.5%, h…

How Changes Occur in the Crystal Structure of Metals?

Many materials such as iron, tin, zinc, nickel, cobalt, etc. undergo crystalline transformation in the solid state when there is a change in their temperature. They exist in one lattice form over a certain range of temperature, but at a somewhat higher or lower temperature, the lattice form changes to another lattice form, which is stable in that temperature range.

Allotropy or Polymorphy

An element that occurs in more than one crystallographic or lattice form is called allotropy or polymorphy, and the material in which such changes occur are known as allotropic. The process in which the crystal lattice is changed in accordance with the temperature is called allotropic or polymorphic transformations of the material. Diamond and graphite are two allotropic forms of the element carbon. The allotropic forms in which a metal exists are called its modifications. The different modifications of the same metal are designated by the Greek letter alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ), delta (δ), etc. Pu…

The Growing Popularity of Distance Learning MBA!

An MBA, or a Master of Business Administration, is a very hot subjectthese days.MBA programs or Master in Business Administration enables you to acquire skills and expertise that benefits you in any business milieu. With this qualification you can look forward to a satisfying career and interesting roles with great prospects.

An overview on MBA:

The scope of MBA is incomparable. Apart from attractive placements and packages being offered at college-level, it opens doors to diverse sectoral opportunities. The Corporate world is testimony to numerous MBA professionals occupying top slots.Apart from Corporate careers, one can find MBA’s working as entrepreneurs as well. The opportunities are just unlimited! Even when industries go through trends, fads like the current dot com craze, MBAs are the first reaping the benefits. This is owing to the multi-tasking multi-dimensional qualities that MBAs possess.

An MBA today has become an attractive proposition which is luring both freshers and prof…

Electrical Components Used in Aircraft

Starter Generator. It is a DC machine with compound excitation used in aircraft.  It is designed for starting the engine and then to serve as a DC supply source to the aircraft and charge the storage battery. The main aircraft engine drives the starter generator.

Ampere Hour Meter. An integrated ampere-hour meter serves to indicate the capacity of the storage batteries. In AH

Over Voltage Protection Unit. This unit is intended to protect the generator from overloading due to increased voltage in case of regulator failure. When the voltage increases beyond a safe value this unit cuts off the supply of differential relay and thereby disconnecting the generator from the mains.

Centralized Warning Panels. The centralized warning system provides the pilot with immediate indication on failures or emergency conditions in certain system of aircraft, which could be hazardous to pilot and aircraft.  It incorporates two types of warning, designated as primary and secondary:-

 (a) Primary Warnings. T…

Introduction to AC & DC Generators

In most of the earlier aircrafts, the aircraft electrical systems were planned on a basic DC power source. For DC power supply DC generators were used and for AC power requirements Invertors and alternators were used. With increased power requirements the basic DC power supplied by generators were found inefficient due to some related problems like commutation and high altitude operations. To overcome these difficulties all the modern aircrafts are now using AC as basic power source, generated by alternators.

In modern aircrafts, the latest aircraft electrical system has become 200V or 208V AC three phases 400 cycles/ second. The main AC is produced by one or two AC generators and DC power is supplied by transformer and rectifier unit (TRU). The battery is used as a stand by DC power and static Invertors are used as emergency AC power source.

AC Generator.         AC Generator is used to produce an alternating current.  In the AC generator slip rings with brushes used to collect the AC …

Construction of Various Types of Direct Reading Compass

Direct Reading Compass The purpose of liquid compass is to indicate in which direction the magnetic north pole lies, to enable and ac position to be determine with respect to that pole. They are classified under two headings.

 (a) Pilot Type. It is used to indicate the magnetic heading of the aircraft.

 (b) Observer Type. It is used with adjustable sights to enable bearing to be taken of distant object (ac)

Pilot Type. The magnetic compass is a simple, self-contained instrument, which operates on the principle of magnetic attraction. It is designed to indicate the direction in which aircraft is headed. The magnetic compass is an independently operating instrument described here as mechanical because it requires no power from any aircraft system

If a bar magnet is mounted on a pivot to be free to rotate in horizontal plane, it will assume a position with one of its ends pointing towards earths north magnetic pole. The magnetic compass consists of a liquid filled bowl containing a pivoted f…

Requirement, Service and Maintenance of Oxygen System

Requirementsof Typical Oxygen Installation. The requirement which to be have satisfied to unable an oxygen installation to function efficiently is as follows:

 (a) A means of storing oxygen in the aircraft.

 (b) A means regulating the flow to the crew member only as he breathes in and an indication that oxygen is flowing to his position.

 (c) A means of regulating the oxygen to the user remembering that the higher it files, the more oxygen, he will require.

 (d) The means of coupling various components together and switching them on and off as required.

Component which meet requirements are the aircraft cylinders, regulators flow indicators ,economizers, masks charging and line valves, high medium and low pressure pipe lines, filters, non returns valves connecting pieces, transport cylinders, charging pipe lines and charging regulators.

Service and Maintenance of Oxygen System. The service and maintenance of oxygen systems should be performed only by technicians who are qualified through tr…

Different Types of RPM Gauges

Exhaust Gas Temperature System.      The thermometer is used in jet engine aircraft to indicate the temp of exhaust gas. The Exhaust Gas Temperature indicating system provides a visual temperature indication in the cockpit of the turbine exhaust gases as they leave the turbine unit.

A gas temperature thermocouple is mounted in a ceramic insulator and incased in metal sheath; the assembly forms a probe, which projects, into the exhaust stream. The thermocouple is made from Chromel (A Nickel/Chromium Alloy) and Alumel (a Nickel/Aluminium alloy). The hot junction protrudes into a space inside the sheath. The sheath has transfer holes in the end of it, which allow the exhaust gases to flow across the hot junction.

The hot junction senses the EGT and emf is induced in milli volts, and this voltage, after amplification is applied to the indicator which actuates the mechanism to drives the indicator pointer over the graduated dial.

Fuel Gauge System

This system is used to give a continuous indic…

Purpose of Aircraft Instruments

In aircraft there are millions of parts and all of them play a vital and specific role to perform for the aircraft to fly safe and land safely. Some of them are not required to be monitored during the flight hours as they are maintained by the servicing crews available in ground. But some of the components require a continuous attention during flight hours by the air crew in order to keep the aircraft fly safe and those aviation instruments keep indicating the flight details so that the pilot keep monitoring it and know the real time situation inside cockpit.

Altimeter. The purpose of altimeter is to indicate the pilot, the height above mean sea level at which aircraft is flying. It works on the principle of aneroid barometer (which means no wet). The basic mechanism of altimeter is pressure-responsive elements (capsule), which expand, or contract with the pressure changes at different flight levels.  The expansion or contraction of the aneroid with pressure changes actuates the linkag…

Introduction to Metallurgy

The single most used material today in the Industry is Metal. The reason for the increased use of the metals is due to its wide range of properties:

Low specific heat
Plastic deformability
Good thermal conductivity
Relatively high melting point
Dimensional stability

Metals are found in nature in the form of ores.  The science of metallurgy includes deriving the metals from its ores, its purification, alloying with other metals and finally manufacture into shape and forms usable in industries.

Definition: Metallurgy is a science and technology of:

Extracting metals from their ores.
Refining of crude metals.
Production of alloys to alter constituents and improve properties.
Studyingthe relationship of physical, thermal and mechanical treatment of metals and alloys.

Classification of Metallurgy: The study of metallurgy is classified in two major groups,

Chemical Metallurgy
Physical Metallu…

Structure of Materials

It should be clear that all matter is made of atoms. From the periodic table, it can be seen that there are only about 100 different kinds of atoms in the entire Universe. These same 100 atoms form thousands of different substances ranging from the air we breathe to the metal used to support tall buildings. Metals behave differently than ceramics, and ceramics behave differently than polymers. The properties of matter depend on which atoms are used and how they are bonded together.

The structure of materials can be classified by the general magnitude of various features being considered. The three most common major classification of structure in increasing size, are:

Atomic Structure. It includes features that cannot be seen, such as the types of bonding between the atoms, and the way the atoms are arranged.

Microstructure, It includes features that can be seen using a microscope, but seldom with the naked eye.

Macrostructure, It includes features that can be seen with the naked eye.

The a…

Structure of Atom

An atom consists of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. The Protons (+ve charged particles) and Neutrons form the nucleus of the atom around which the Electrons (- ve charged particles) rotate. The number of protons in the nucleus is referred as its Atomic number. The Mass number is the number of protons and neutrons of an atom. The atom is the smallest particle of an element that can enter into a chemical combination with another element. A molecule (group of atoms)  is the smallest particle of an element or compound that can exist independently.

Atoms always maintain a balanced electrical charge. Hence, the number of negatively charged electrons surrounding the nucleus is equal to the number of protons. It is also known that electrons are present with different energies and it is convenient to consider these electrons surrounding the nucleus in energy “shells.” The maximum number of electrons that are in any shell is determined by the number of shells. The first shell which is closest t…